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Portfolio-Review: SICHTBAR

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Cologne is a photography metropolis. And SICHTBAR is the portfolio review as part of the Photoszene Festival. Photographers are cordially invited to submit their portfolios and discuss their own photographic work with renowned reviewers from the artistic and museum context, from galleries and publishers, and from universities too.

SICHTBAR will take place on 19 September 2014 at the Photographic Collection/SK Stiftung Kultur and costs 90 Euro. Three of a total of 17 photography experts will talk about your work with you for 20 minutes each time. To take part, send us your application by 5 September 2014. E-mail us your contact details, a short CV and two series of photographs comprising a maximum of 10 pictures each and each with a short description:
We'll also need your choice of reviewers, of course. Please indicate five favourites, we'll guarantee you at least one of them!

For further information in ENGLISH please contact

Boris Becker

Boris Becker.jpg

Peter Bitzer

Peter Bitzer.jpg

Gabriele Conrath-Scholl

Gabie Conrath-Scholl.jpg

Frank Dürrach

Frank Duerrach.jpg

Michael Ebert

Micheal Ebert.jpg

Barbara Engelbach

Barbara Engelbach.jpg

Tim Giesen

Tim Giesen.jpg

Beate Gütschow

Beate Guetschow.jpg

Klaus Honnef

Klaus Honnef.jpg

Michael Kaune

Michael Kaune.jpg

Oliver Rausch

Oliver Rausch.jpg

Markus Schaden

Markus Schaden.jpg

Tina Schelhorn

Tina Schelhorn.jpg

Claudia Schubert // Die Photographische Sammlung/ SK Stiftung Kultur

Claudia Schubert.jpg

Carmen Strzelecki

Carmen Strzelecki.jpg

Nadia van der Grinten

Nadia van der Grinten.jpg

Wolfgang Zurborn

Wolfgang Zurborn.jpg

Claudia Schubert // SK Stiftung Kultur

Claudia Schubert.jpg

Gérard A. Goodrow // Art + Language

G A Goodrow.jpg

Katja Stuke // Fotografin & Kuratorin


Simone Klein // Magnum

Klein von Lea Lund.jpg

Oliver Sieber // Fotograf & Kurator


Hartwig Schwarz // Temporary Gallery


Norbert Moos // Forum für Fotografie


Barbara Hofmann-Johnson // Kuratorin

bh johanson.jpg

Thekla Ehling // The PhotoBookMuseum


Alain Bieber // NRW-Forum


Wolfgang Vollmer // Fotograf

W Vollmer.jpg

Christoph Bangert // Fotograf

Bangert Foto 1.jpg

Michael Horbach // Stifter & Sammler


Mischa Kuball // KHM


Clara M. Sels // Duesseldorf Photoweekend


Manfred Zollner // FotoMAGAZIN

manfred zollner portrait-1.jpg

Nils Müller // Ruttkowski;68


Ferdinand Brüggemann // Priska Pasquer


Jan Wenzel // Spector Books