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Portfolio-Review: SICHTBAR

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Cologne is a photography metropolis. And SICHTBAR is the portfolio review as part of the Photoszene Festival. Photographers are cordially invited to submit their portfolios and discuss their own photographic work with renowned reviewers from the artistic and museum context, from galleries and publishers, and from universities too.

SICHTBAR will take place on 19 September 2014 at the Photographic Collection/SK Stiftung Kultur and costs 90 Euro. Three of a total of 17 photography experts will talk about your work with you for 20 minutes each time. To take part, send us your application by 5 September 2014. E-mail us your contact details, a short CV and two series of photographs comprising a maximum of 10 pictures each and each with a short description:
We'll also need your choice of reviewers, of course. Please indicate five favourites, we'll guarantee you at least one of them!

For further information in ENGLISH please contact

Boris Becker

Boris Becker.jpg Boris Becker is an internationally famous artist who has taught, among others, at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne and at the University of the Arts in Bremen. He founded his publishing house “Sprungturm Verlag” in 2011. He is particularly interested in young talents and non-commercial projects.

Peter Bitzer

Peter Bitzer.jpg Peter Bitzer is managing director of the reportage picture agency Laif. His main interest lies in photojournalism, reportage and documentary photography.

Gabriele Conrath-Scholl

Gabie Conrath-Scholl.jpg Gabriele Conrath-Scholl has been director of the Photographic Collection/SK Stiftung Kultur since 2007. Her attention lies in presentation and sequencing possibilities in exhibitions and book publications.

Frank Dürrach

Frank Duerrach.jpg Frank Dürrach is co-founder of the Fotoakademie-Koeln. His focus is on the communicative intention behind photography. In addition he examines the styles that are currently shaping the market and how photographers can successfully evolve further.

Michael Ebert

Micheal Ebert.jpg Michael Ebert is a freelance photographer and publicist as well as chairman of the “Image” section of the German Photographic Society (DGPh). He teaches on the photojournalism and documentary photography course at the University of Hanover and is head of the picture journalism course at the ...

Barbara Engelbach

Barbara Engelbach.jpg Dr. Barbara Engelbach has been a curator at Museum Ludwig in Cologne since 2004, responsible for contemporary art, photography and media art. Her publications and exhibitions are dedicated to art in the public space and to media theory issues.

Tim Giesen

Tim Giesen.jpg Tim Giesen has been working at the “Meire und Meiré” agency since 2005. His publications include “kid’s wear Magazine”, “brand eins”, “032c”, “ARCH+”, “Garage Magazine” and “Interview Magazin”. He has an enthusiasm for all photographic genres.

Beate Gütschow

Beate Guetschow.jpg Beate Gütschow is an artist and professor of Artistic Photography at the “Academy of Media Arts, Cologne” (KHM). Her focuses lie on conceptual photography, photographic theory and documentary photography.

Klaus Honnef

Klaus Honnef.jpg Klaus Honnef is an art critic and emeritus professor of photography theory at the Art Academy, Kassel. Among others he organized “Documenta 5/6”. He is particularly interested in images that do not too openly flaunt the claim of “art”.

Michael Kaune

Michael Kaune.jpg Michael Kaune is co-founder of the gallery Kaune, Posnik, Spohr and, as its publisher and creative director, responsible for the visual language of “QVEST Magazin”. He concentrates on contemporary photography.

Oliver Rausch

Oliver Rausch.jpg Oliver Rausch is co-founder of the Fotoakademie-Koeln. He has worked for advertising agencies and magazines, additionally as a freelance artist. The technical realization of a project is always of importance to him.

Markus Schaden

Markus Schaden.jpg Markus Schaden founded Schaden Verlag, a publisher specializing in photography, and the photobook traders He is a teacher at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne (KHM), and a lecturer at Cologne’s “Lichtblick School”. Schaden is known ...

Tina Schelhorn

Tina Schelhorn.jpg Tina Schelhorn has been running the photo gallery Lichtblick in Cologne together with Wolfgang Zurborn for almost 30 years. She values dialogue with international festivals and has published numerous books, catalogues and texts on photographic topics.

Claudia Schubert // Die Photographische Sammlung/ SK Stiftung Kultur

Claudia Schubert.jpg Claudia Schubert is an art historian and scientific employee and curator at the Photographic Collection/SK Stiftung Kultur. Documentary photography, with outlooks onto the artistic experimental field, is her particular concern.

Carmen Strzelecki

Carmen Strzelecki.jpg Carmen Strzelecki founded the Grafikstudio Carmen Strzelecki and the publisher StrzeleckiBooks, which has evolved into a big name in the art and culture area. She not only works with renowned artists, but additionally specifically promotes young positions in the visual arts and photography. ...

Nadia van der Grinten

Nadia van der Grinten.jpg Nadia van der Grinten manages the photography-specialized Van der Grinten gallery in Cologne. Among others, she was responsible from 2002 until 2010 for the presence of “Paris Photo”. She is particularly interested in long-term photo projects, in the topic of “man and space”, and in ...

Wolfgang Zurborn

Wolfgang Zurborn.jpg Wolfgang Zurborn is an internationally renowned photographer who runs the Lichtblick photo gallery together with Tina Schelhorn. He teaches photography at various universities in Germany and abroad and at his own “Lichtblick School”. He is particularly interested in an open point of view and the ...

Claudia Schubert // SK Stiftung Kultur

Claudia Schubert.jpg Claudia Schubert is an art historian and scientific employee and curator at the Photographic Collection/SK Stiftung Kultur. Documentary photography, with outlooks onto the artistic experimental field, is her particular concern.

Gérard A. Goodrow // Art + Language

G A Goodrow.jpg Gérard A. Goodrow’s professional background is in the museum sector and on the art market. He is now a freelance author and curator based in Cologne, focusing on contemporary art and photography. He has curated more than 60 exhibitions in Germany and abroad and authored numerous publications.

Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber // Fotografie

img-700e0a7b95abd30340d821e3144bea81.jpeg Hidden behind BöhmKobayashi are Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber, but behind their identity many figures are concealed: photographer and artist, curator and initiator of exhibitions, designer and editor of books on art. Who each of them is at this very moment, when they are moving through their ...

Simone Klein // Magnum

Klein von Lea Lund.jpg Simone Klein is an art historian and the director of the “Print Sales” department at Magnum Photos. She lives and works in Paris, London and Cologne. Her focus during her studies was on 19th-century photography (Dageurrotype, early paper photography). Following her studies she was director of ...

Hartwig Schwarz // Temporary Gallery

hartwig-schwarz.jpg Hartwig Schwarz works for the Temporary Gallery, a contemporary art centre in Cologne that collaborates with many international guest curators and theoreticians. He studied photography and film. His interest lies in working artistically with photography, which in his view seems to be largely ...

Norbert Moos // Forum für Fotografie

Mail-Anhang-1.jpeg Dr. Norbert Moos is a curator, a publisher and the director of the Forum für Fotografie in Cologne. An established authority on the international scene, the Forum hosts the German Photobook Award on a regular basis. He deals intensively with Asian art and non-European photography. One of his ...

Barbara Hofmann-Johnson // Kuratorin

bh johanson.jpg Barbara Hofann-Johnson works as a freelance art historian and curator in the field of contemporary art and photography; her clients include the Photographic Collection/SK Stiftung Kultur in Cologne. She also teaches photography and theory at Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen. In addition ...

Thekla Ehling // The PhotoBookMuseum

thekla_ehling©nina-poppe.jpg Thekla Ehling studied photography and is now established as a freelance photographer in Cologne. The portrait is at the heart of her photographs. She works for magazines in Germany and abroad and is represented by the agency Focus in Hamburg and by Galerie Robert Morat in Hamburg/Berlin, and her ...

Alain Bieber // NRW-Forum

Alain_Bieber_Foto_Ondro_Ovesny.jpg Alain Bieber has been a curator of exhibitions throughout Europe since 2004; topics have included street art, post-Internet art, Net and media art, political art, gaming and photography. He studied rhetoric, literary studies, sociology, and communication and political science. He worked in the ...

Wolfgang Vollmer // Fotograf

W Vollmer.jpg Wolfgang Vollmer, a freelance photographer, curator, author, artist, collector, critic and teacher, lives in Cologne. He works with the magazine Camera Austria, which discusses photography in context with contemporary art, media and social development. His own works are on display at Museum ...

Christoph Bangert // Fotograf

Bangert Foto 1.jpg Christoph Bangert is a photojournalist specializing in reportages on political events and from war and crisis regions. He has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Darfur, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, among other places. His images have been published in the likes of the New York Times, ...

Michael Horbach // Stifter & Sammler

MichaelHorbacg.jpg Michael Horbach is the founder of the Michael-Horbach-Stiftung, a foundation whose art spaces focus on socially critical photo exhibitions and provide a platform for societally and socially engaged artists. Exhibited artists have included Helmut Newton, Jock Sturges, Olaf Martens, Herlinde ...

Mischa Kuball // KHM

MKuball.jpg Mischa Kuball is a Media artist and works in the public and institutional space. He uses light to explore architectonic spaces and their social and political discourses. He reflects the different facets, from cultural social structures through to architectonic interventions that emphasize or ...

Clara M. Sels // Duesseldorf Photoweekend

clarasels.jpg Clara Sels was co-founder, with Werner Lippert, former director of NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, of the Düsseldorf Photo Weekend in 2011. In 2013 she took on sole management of the festival. The festival took place for the fifth time in 2016 and has become a firm component of the international ...

Manfred Zollner // FotoMAGAZIN

manfred zollner portrait-1.jpg Manfred Zollner worked initially as a film critic and film editor for several magazines following studies in communication science. He has devoted himself exclusively to photography since 1991. His first role was a Director of Photography at fotoMAGAZIN. In 2006 he switched from being ...

Nils Müller // Ruttkowski;68

Nils_Mueller_photocredit_Hendrik_Beikirch_beschnitt.jpg coming soon ...

Ferdinand Brüggemann // Priska Pasquer

ferdinand_brueggemann.jpg Ferdinand Brüggemann is responsible for the Japanese photography programme at Galerie Priska Pasquer in Cologne. During his art history studies he worked at the Photographic Collection of Museum Folkwang, Essen, and at the Bundeskunsthalle and Haus der Geschichte in Bonn. Following voluntary ...

Jan Wenzel // Spector Books

Spector Books Kopie.jpg Jan Wenzel is a Leipzig-based publisher, author and artist. He was co-founder in 2001 with Markus Dreßen and Anne König of Spector Books. He has been writing the regular column “The Revolving Bookshelf”, which focuses on the photobook, in the magazine Camera Austria since 2013. His works ...