Auf einen Kaffee mit...

For the new discussion format "Auf einen Kaffee mit ...", the International Photoscene Cologne invites a photographer to a fireside chat with a person from a completely different field, such as cabaret, science or the art market. In these unusual and interdisciplinary encounters at eye level, photography is always the occasion, but by no means the only topic of conversation. Rather, the aim is to broaden people's own perspectives and promote mutual understanding - among the participants as well as the audience. And we do this in a way that is low-threshold, entertaining and profound at the same time. At the same time, we present a wide range of photographic topics from art to applied photography.

Episode 6
Denis Scheck is one of Germany's best-known literary critics and meets Markus Schaden, who founded the world's first museum for photo books. The two talk about the (dwindling) importance of images in books, brain research, photographing Nobel Prize winners in literature and teaching media literacy in schools.

Episode 5
Police and crime scene photographer Gabriele Dietrich meets with Mark Benecke, probably Germany's best-known criminal biologist. The two talk about insect mortality, dealing with death on a daily basis, post-mortem photography and what role photography plays in forensic work.

Episode 4
Photographer Alina Gross meets Elke Kuhlen, editor of the porn magazine series "Giddy-Heft" and "Jungs-Heft". They talk about dealing with nudity and eroticism, beauty ideals and taboo topics, censorship and attacks on social media.

Episode 3
Artist Marie Köhler meets with literary scholar, curator and activist Ibou Diop for a conversation. They talk about the representation of Africa in photography, address the "white-hero complex," ask each other whether white people should take photos in Africa at all, and why they think white people and black people can't be friends.
Note: A conversation of this nature is not easy to edit. Any kind of editing takes contexts apart and shortens statements. Therefore we decided together with all actors to show this film in full length.

Episode 2
Photographer Selina Pfrüner meets with gallery owner and August Sander great-grandson Julian Sander to talk about the shitstorm her project "Munaqabba" about fully-veiled women caused in Germany, the unprejudiced view in August Sander's work, why visitors often feel stupid in art exhibitions and why a gallery should not be a safe space.

Episode 1
Photographer Daniel Zakharov meets cabaret artist Jürgen Becker to talk about well-worn and new images of Cologne, building and marketing sins in the cathedral city, the difference between photography and cabaret, and what influence the Corona pandemic had on their respective work.

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