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The Photoszene, the PhotoBookMuseum, the Galerie Lichtblick and Pixum invited all Cologne residents to send in their very personal view of their city by August 19, 2014. The only requirement: The photos had to be taken in homage to "Cologne 5:30 a.m." by Cologne photographer Chargesheimer at around 5:30 a.m. - that is, when the sun is slowly rising but the city is still asleep. A jury consisting of Markus Schaden (The PhotoBookMuseum), Wolfgang Zurborn (Galerie Lichtblick), Tina Schelhorn (Galerie Lichtblick) and Damian Zimmermann (Photoszene Köln) selected the best 111 photographs from 650 entries. They were presented in the PhotoBookMuseum as a slide show.

Chargesheimer-Reloaded project at Photoszene-Festival 2014