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Price structure for the Calendar

Details page//Annual subscription//Annual subscription Plus

Details PAge

If you would like to advertise your exhibition/event using a text and several images, you can add a details page for €50 (plus VAT).

>> in additon to the Starter offer: 1 image and all necessary information on your exhibition/event in a clear-to-view, chronological listing in our calendar, you can submitt up to 6 images, a descriptive text (max. 1000 characters), and get a city map marking to present your event/exhibition

Annual subscription

From four entries per year it is worth considering a Annual Subscription for €200 (plus VAT): 

>> in addition to the regular details page entries, our annual subscription offer comprises a Photoszene Facebook tour and 50 L.Fritz - the Magazine of Photoszene

Annual subscription PLUS

Annual Subscribtion Plus for €1000 (plus VAT) comprises:

>> in addition to the Annual subscription you get a quarter-page advertisement in L.Fritz - the Magazine of Photoszene.

You can either send us the English descriptive text or we will add a €25 surcharge for translation.

This offer applies for bookings by 31 July 2017; in the event of queries and to book any of the paid-for offers please contact