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On approximately two-hour tours through a Cologne district, we visit exhibitions that are within walking or cycling distance. In the process, we will talk to the artists and curators, possibly discover completely new places, and afterwards we can discuss what we have experienced over a drink or move on directly to the next item on the programme.

Especially on Friday, 19 May, you can look forward to the Friday Night Editions, which are a great way to start the weekend.

You will find all the dates here from May onwards. You can register via our Ticket Booking.

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If you are planning to visit the Photoszene-Festival with a group, you can also book an individual guided tour. Just get in touch with us.

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Guided Tours FotoVeedel:
  • Deutz/Mülheim

    Guided Tour FotoVeedel

    Deutz/Mülheim Meeting Point: Atelier Keupstraße 10

  • Cologne north after-work Tour

    Guided Tour FotoVeedel

    Kölner Norden / North Meeting Point: Atelier Bohde - Bohde Fenster

  • Belgisches Viertel

    Guided Tour FotoVeedel

    Belgische Viertel Meeting Point: Parrotta Contemporary Art

  • Downtown Friday Night Edition

    Guided Tour FotoVeedel

    Innenstadt / Downtown Meeting Point: Kunststation Sankt Peter

  • Cologne north Friday Night Edition

    Guided Tour FotoVeedel

    Kölner Norden / North Meeting Point: SK Stiftung Kultur

  • Cologne South Friday Night Edition

    Guided Tour FotoVeedel

    Südstadt / South Meeting Point: Atelier Anna E. Stärk, Volksgartenstr. 14

  • Körnerstraße Ehrenfeld

    Guided Tour FotoVeedel

    Körnerstraße/Ehrenfeld Meeting Point: PhotoBookMuseum - The Box

  • Lindthal/Sülz

    Guided Tour FotoVeedel

    Lindthal/Sülz Meeting Point: Fotoraum Köln

  • Ehrenfeld

    Guided Tour FotoVeedel

    Meeting Point Ehrenfeld: Showroom Simone Klein