Photoszene-Festival 2023 12.05. – 21.05.2023

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Nathan Ishar

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Nathan Ishar says:

1. shall you return everything, but the burden
I am particularly curious about this exhibition because of Lebohang Kganye's critical examination of gender roles and photography as a tool of colonial powers.

2. analog past
I would like to see Michael Wagener's almost iconoclastic approach to manipulating or even destroying photographs.

3. double presence
As a person who also works with projections I am very curious to know how and why Juan Francisco Rodriguez uses projections and how this work relates to Luise Flügge and Zeng Zexuan prints.

4. the loneliness one dare not sound: part four
The questioning title, the promising photos of the works and the location I appreciate make me very curious about this exhibition.

5. NEXT!
The description and photos of the exhibition, which promise different photographic approaches, as well as the place, which is unknown to me so far, encourage me to visit the Alte Pfandhaus during the festival.

"My name is Nathan Pramudiya Ishar and I work collectively and individually with image-based media and performative approaches. In my work I critically engage with the role of image, individuals in societies, institutions as well as media and place (these) issues in the context of philosophical approaches, religion, rituals and art. Currently I am researching the hierarchies between image and body / dance and photography in a performative, installative work with Josefine Luka Simonsen."

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Event Location

Photoszene-Festival 2023

Duration and Admission

12.05. – 21.05.2023

Opening hours

Pay attention to the opening hours of the respective exhibition venues

Recommended by ... Nathan Ishar
  • Artist Meets Archive 04

    Shall you Return Everything, but the Burden

    Lebohang Kganye

    12.05. – 05.10.2023

  •   © Moshtari Hilal
    Photoszene-Specials 07

    The Loneliness One dare not sound

    Part Four

    Mouches Volantes
    12.05. – 21.05.2023

  •  NEXT! Workshop: You Should See Me in a Crown, 2022 © Städtische Realschule Köln Deutz - Im Hasental
    NEXT! 08


    Festival der Jungen Photoszene

    Altes Pfandhaus

  • Empire State 98/23 Empire State 98/23 © Michael Wagener
    Exhibition 34


    New York 98/23

    Atelier Keupstraße 10
    13.05. – 14.05.2023

  •  Earth Beamer II, 2022, Installationsansicht © Juan Francisco Rodriguez
    Exhibition 48

    Double Presence

    Case – Projektraum der Fotografie / KHM Köln
    11.05. – 21.05.2023