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L.Fritz #8: The 8th issue of the Photoszene magazine "L. Fritz" focuses on the diverse and historic university landscape, especially in the field of photography in North Rhine-Westphalia. In several articles, the magazine looks at the founding and focal points of the institutions and photography classes and, in a total of nine photo series, presents the currently best and most exciting works by students from NRW. In addition, we asked current and former students about their personal study experiences in a survey and in an interview Klaus Honnef looks back on around 50 years of experience in dealing with the medium.

L.Fritz #7: This issue of "L. Fritz" is published under the title "Crisis in Photography" and reflects the role of photography in the worldwide crises and conflicts, also the paradoxical situation in which the medium finds itself: Never before so many photos have been produced as today, while at the same time the individual image has lost a massive value. In addition to interviews with crisis researcher Wilhelm Heitmeyer and the head of the picture editing class at the Ostkreuzschule, Nadja Masri, we present the Corona documentary by Ingmar Björn Nolting, the climate change project "Everything is Connected," the "Archive of Public Protests" about protest movements in Poland, and the extraordinary Instagram channel "Insta Repeat." Dutchman Rob Hornstra explains how he made his long-term documentaries independent of magazine fees and galleries, we take a look at the sales figures of the photo industry, introduce photo books, ask about the freedom of art in pandemic times, and have given three double-pages to the picture editing class at the Ostkreuzschule.

L.Fritz #6: Even though the festival had to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemic, issue 6 of the Photoszene magazine "L. Fritz" was published on schedule on May 22, 2020 and is dedicated to the topic "Photography & Outer Space". In addition to visually stunning artist portfolios by Joan Fontcuberta, Robert Pufleb & Nadine Schlieper, Holly Schmidt, Sharon Harper and Vincent Fournier, among others, proven experts, journalists and art critics will once again use essays, articles and essays to highlight and question the significance of photography for space exploration, but also our image of the universe in society and culture.

L.Fritz #5: The fifth edition of L. Fritz deals with the project "Artist Meets Archive": The six artists Erik Kessels, Ola Kolehmainen, Ronit Porat, Fiona Tan, Roselyne Titaud and Antje Van Wichelen have intensively studied the archives and collections of the Museum of Applied Arts Cologne, the Rheinisches Bildarchiv, the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum, the Museum Ludwig, the Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur as well as the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum and have developed independent artistic positions from this fund. These results were exhibited in the houses during the Photoszene Festival 2019 from May 3 to 12.

L. Fritz #4: The fourth issue of the Photoszene magazine "L. Fritz" is about nothing less than the future of photography. With contributions from Florian Ebner, Klaus Honnef, Hester Keijser, Wolfgang Lorentz, Hendrik Neubauer, Rosa Roth, Esther Ruelfs, Christian Schön, Urs Stahel, Markus Weckesser and Damian Zimmermann.

L.Fritz #3: "Innere Sicherheit / The State I Am In" With an essay by Marvin Heiferman, an interview with Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber and works by a.o. Christoph Bangert, Theodor Barth, Philipp Böll, Günter Karl Bose, Beate Geissler & Oliver Sann, Stephen Gill, Allan Gretzki, John Heartfield, Jochem Hendricks, Daniel Josefsohn, Matthias Jung, Jason Lazarus, Frederic Lezmi, Timo Klein, Felix Kleymann, Simon Menner, Nils Petter Löfstedt, Max Regeberg, Ryudai Takano, Marc Thümmler/Harald Hauswald, Jan Dirk van der Burg, Luisa Whitton and Xu Yong.

L.Fritz #2: This monothematic issue is all about archives, collections, and found-footage, and it introduces artists who no longer produce their own photographs, but who have made it their task to view, evaluate, contextualize, and edit the already existing visual material - true to Joachim Schmid's motto "No new photos until the old ones are used up". 

L.Fritz #1: L. Fritz is the bilingual magazine of the Photoszene. It is echo sounder and ambassador, serious and exciting, entertaining and challenging. L. Fritz addresses curators, gallery owners and publishers, students and collectors, photographers and designers, professionals and amateurs alike. That is why L. Fritz is more than just a medium - he is a living part of the photography scene, he is a friend and expert whom you trust, whom you can ask for advice and whom you like to have at your side.