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We Do/Are Photography

More info and registration for the event starting September 1, 2022! 

In 2022, the topics of global climate catastrophe, debates on postcolonialism, and discourses on body politics exemplify an urgent analysis of sociopolitical processes in photography. At the same time, it is the medium itself that is undergoing permanent change due to progressive technological developments - and these are directly thematized and reflected upon within artistic debates. After all, photography as a storage medium is able to record a large part of our history - this entails an ongoing scientific and artistic interest in an examination of photographic archives. 

Reflecting on this significance of photography in the temporal planes of yesterday, now and the future, the International Photoscene Cologne, in the sense of an open think tank, invites scholars, curators and artists to engage in dialogues whose working methods, thematic settings and/or publications have caught our attention in recent years in the specific thematic fields. The Kunsthafen will become a temporary place of photography, where international speakers are invited to enter into dialogue and illuminate the medium of photography in its many perspectives. 

On Thursday october 20th, we will celebrate the release of our Photoszene magazine L.Fritz under the title "The Medium and Us: Photography in Progress" and welcome lecturers from universities in North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as the Netherlands and Switzerland on the panel.

On Friday october 21st, we will discuss pressing social issues that have become permanent subjects in photographic practice with invited guests under "The World and Us: Photography and Climate Change" and "The Body and Us: Body Politics."

Then on Saturday october 22th, the Artist Meets Archive #3 symposium will take place at the City Archives, dedicated to photo albums in the archive.

We Do/Are Photography is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.