Kunsthafen im Rhenania 20.10.2022

The Medium and Us

Photography in Progress

DiscourseTalk & Discussion

Camera Arts, State-of-the-Art Image Practices, Artistic Photography or Photographic Studies - the names of the courses in which photography is taught are as diverse as the medium itself. Through technical innovation, photography is constantly changing, almost inevitably producing new visual languages and modes of use. In "The Medium and Us: Photography in Progress" artists and teachers from North Rhine-Westphalia, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland question current digital image practices and artistic approaches with a view to the different approaches to photographic teaching, the specific use of photography and the reception of the medium.

Moderators: Dana Bergmann & Daria Bona

Lecturers: Gisela Bullacher & Vera Knippschild (Folkwang Universität Essen) Ann-Christin Bertrand (Hochschule Luzern/Design und Kunst) & Thomas Albdorf (Künstler) Michael Reisch (Alanus Hochschule Bonn) & Achim Mohné (FH Dortmund) & Alex Grein (Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln)

Begrüßung & Einführung

Dialog 1

Gisela Bullacher & Vera Knippschild

Dialog 2

Ann-Christin Bertrand & Thomas Albdorf

Dialog 3

Michael Reisch & Achim Mohné & Alex Grein

Dialog 4

Lotte Sprengers & John Fleetwood

The discussion panels were recorded at the We Do/Are Photoprgaphy convention and can be viewed on the following pages:
Lebohang Kganye

The Body and Us

Body Politics

Gregor Sailer

The World and Us

Photography and Climate Change

Heidi Pfohl

The History and Us

Die Geste des Zeigens

We Do/Are Photography

In preparation for the Photoszene Festival in May 2023, the Internationale Photoszene Köln organized a 3-day event program of impulses and dialogues at Kunsthafen and a symposium at Stadtarchiv Köln on October 20-22, 2022.

In the sense of an open ThinkTank, scientists, curators and artists are invited to reflect on current discursive fields of photography in joint dialogues in four thematic blocks. The program is aimed at a general audience interested in photography and art, as well as at students and professionals, in order to discuss with us and the invited speakers the role of photography in the urgent debate on climate change, the discourses on body politics, but also the ever-changing medium of photography itself and its significance in the archives. Each day will culminate in an open get-together with drinks, music, and projections, for which the Kunsthafen will be transformed into a temporary photography venue.

The title We Do/Are Photography stands metaphorically for the network of relationships that interweaves the medium of photography, the world, and us, and addresses the fact that the relationship of humans to the environment is increasingly mediated through photographic images. We are part of the images we produce (We Do Photography), but also of the images that surround us and shape our relationship to the environment (We Are Photography).

Event Location

Kunsthafen im Rhenania
Bayenstraße 28
50678 Köln

Duration and Admission

Pay what you want

Opening hours

14 bis 20 Uhr