Photoszene-Festival 2014

16. - 21. September 2014

Under the title WallPaper and with more than 70 photography exhibitions throughout the city, there was a multifaceted overview of the medium, which was complemented by an extensive supporting program during the festival week from September 16 to 21 in the festival centers The PhotoBookMuseum and Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln.Festival

Over 100,000 visitors | 78 exhibitions | 413 artists | 19 events

The Photoszene Festival 2014 presented a wide range of exhibitions around photography. Until the end of September with a main event week from September 16 - 21 parallel to photokina, there were over 70 exhibitions to discover all over the city. The exhibition venues included our five cooperation partners The PhotoBookMuseum, the MAKK, the Museum Ludwig, the Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur and the Forum für Fotografie, as well as numerous Cologne galleries and art spaces.

Festival Centers

The PhotoBookMuseum in the Carlswerk in Cologne-Mülheim and the MAKK - Museum of Applied Arts Cologne formed the festival center for the duration of the 2014 festival.

Eröffnung The PhotoBookMuseum

The PhotoBookMuseum is the only museum in the world specializing in artistic photo books. For the opening, 30 exhibitions, PhotoBookStudies and collections were presented on more than 5000sqm in the Carlswerk. The diverse supporting program included lectures, workshops, discussions and book signings.

Statement by Thomas Hoepker:

Markus Schaden had a grandiose idea with the PhotoBookMuseum but has also saddled himself with a Herculean task. I keep all fingers crossed and wish a long future.

Artists in the exhibitions:
Oliver Sieber, Stephen Gill, David Alan Harvey, Carlos Spottorno, Ricardo Cases, Deanne & Ed Templeton, Carolyn Drake, Ali Taptik, Cristina de Middel, Andrea Diefenbach, etc.

Wall & Paper?

"The photo book is THE adequate form of presentation for photography" says the press release of the PhotoBookMuseum, which opened its doors on August 19, 2014 as the first of its kind worldwide.

Is that so? Without a doubt, the photo book established itself in recent decades as a central means of expression for photography and thus became an art form in its own right, which at the same time advanced to become a collector's item. In a book, the artist not only determines the selection and sequence of the images, but also determines the typography, graphic elements, paper, binding, and cover in order to arrive at a holistic composition of his work. The hype surrounding the photo book has been helped by the fact that there are more and more small DYI or online providers who make it possible to print and distribute in very small runs.

As loudly as the photo book is marketed, other artists vehemently defend the exhibition space as a display for their work. No book can replicate the simultaneity of perception that a space makes possible. No book can involve the viewer as much as a photographic installation, which may also incorporate sound and moving images into the artistic expression. No book can place the consumer in a 1:1 confrontation with the image. A book remains miniature and documentation.

The Saturday afternoon was dedicated to this discussion around the question of the presentation form of photography under the title "Wall & Paper? Short presentations by Tobias Zielony (Berlin), Tamara Lorenz (Cologne), Jacob Aue Sobol (Copenhagen) and Beate Gütschow (Cologne) allowed a look at current artistic practice and the question of what actual role the book or space plays in the presentation. A subsequent panel discussion with Markus Schaden (The_PBM), Dr. Barbara Engelbach (Museum Ludwig) and Beate Gütschow (KHM) explored these questions in depth. The event was moderated by the art historian and curator Regine Ehleiter (Leipzig).
Conception: Heide Häusler (Photoszene Köln), Jule Schaffer (University of Cologne)

Das Fotobuch-Quartett +

Based on the legendary "Literary Quartet", Damian Zimmermann (Photoszene), Markus Schaden (, Wolfgang Zurborn (Lichtblick School) as well as Oliver Rausch and Frank Dürrach (Fotoakademie-Koeln) discuss four photo books live and in front of an audience, sometimes lovingly and benevolently, sometimes meanly and bitingly.
The kick-off event took place as part of the Photoszene Festival 2014 at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln (MAKK) and the four books "Puritiy" by David Magnusson, "Whistle for the Wind" by Ryan McGinley, "Antibodies" by Antoine D'Agata and the classic "Waffenruhe" by Michael Schmidt were discussed.

The event was recorded by FotoTV.

Click here for the video

Chargesheimer Reloaded - Das Buch

The Photoszene, the PhotoBookMuseum, the Galerie Lichtblick and Pixum invited all Cologne residents to send in their very personal view of their city by August 19, 2014. The only requirement: The photos had to be taken in homage to "Cologne 5:30 a.m." by Cologne photographer Chargesheimer at around 5:30 a.m. - that is, when the sun is slowly rising but the city is still asleep. A jury consisting of Markus Schaden (The PhotoBookMuseum), Wolfgang Zurborn (Galerie Lichtblick), Tina Schelhorn (Galerie Lichtblick) and Damian Zimmermann (Photoszene Köln) selected the best 111 photographs from 650 entries. They were presented in the PhotoBookMuseum as a slide show.

Buy the book!

Portfolio Review SICHTBAR

Cologne is a metropolis of photography. And SICHTBAR is the portfolio review as part of the Photoszene Festival.
Three times twenty minutes with three of seventeen photography experts. The result of this bill: a unique opportunity to discuss one's own photographic work with renowned reviewers from the artistic and museum context, the gallery and publishing industry, and academia! The portfolio review took place at the Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur.

The reviewers were:

Boris Becker, Peter Bitzer, Gabriele Conrath-Scholl, Frank Dürrach, Michael Ebert, Barbara Engelbach, Tim Giesen, Beate Gütschow, Klaus Honnef, Michael Kaune, Oliver Rausch, Markus Schaden, Tina Schelhorn, Claudia Schubert, Carmen Strzelecki, Nadia van der Grinten, Wolfgang Zurborn



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