Photoszene-Festival 2021

21. Mai - 1. Juni 2021

Photoszene Festival became Photoszene United, 10 days in May became a whole photo summer full of art, exhibitions and talks.Festival
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73,928 visitors | 96 exhibitions | over 250 artists | 852 minutes of film on Vimeo

As part of Photoszene United, the five exhibitions of the second round of the Artist Meets Archive project by Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh, Joan Fontcuberta, Anna Orlowska, Philipp Goldbach, and Rosângela Rennó awaited you at the Deutsches Tanzmuseum, the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, the Kapelle am Gereonskloster, and the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln. There were also photography exhibitions throughout the city - at Museum Ludwig, artothek, many galleries like Galerie Julian Sander or Galerie Bene Taschen, and, of course, the many great art spaces in this city! You could have checked out the exhibition page for the full line-up.

We had planned a digital program of talks, workshops, a symposium, and a NEXT! Festival of the Young Photoszene. We streamed a large part of the program via

The Opening Weekend marked the start of a summer of photography that ended with the International Day of Photography on August 19th. Finally, the Photoszene opened two exhibitions of contemporary young photography with "You are here" and "Beyond II".

Digital Program

Photoszene Kiosk

A Kiosk full of photography magazines!

Chez Lumière

Our Photoszene Bar, open 24/7!

Have a drink!

New Photo - Kunsthalle für Fotografie

Our wish for Cologne: an art gallery for photography! With a second edition of "You are here".

Come in!

Durch die Stadt mit..

The art educators Antonia Gruber and Floria Maria Ude visit selected exhibitions of Photoszene United! Their tour takes them through Cologne's multifaceted art scene, from independent art spaces to galleries and museums, and shows just how diverse the photography scene in Cologne is. On site, they talk to the artists and curators and learn many interesting details about the exhibited works.

Photoszene Livingroom

When artist talks could not take place on site and with an audience due to the pandemic, we set up the Photoszene Livingroom: Various series of talks and discussion formats took place here.

Does Climate Change need new Images?

In the year 2021, the question arises more than ever what else needs to be said and done to get people aware of the advancing climate change and to provoke action. What active role can photography play in this? In a public talk show in 2020, German climate activist Carla Reemtsma (Fridays for Future, among others) formulated that it was no longer "just about the polar bear on the floe," evoking the motif of the emaciated polar bear in a shattering ice landscape that has passed into our collective visual memory. Does climate change need new images? Do the countless images that we are fed every day by the media - of devastated natural landscapes after massive oil production, of plastic islands floating wildly on the ocean or of burning forests - help us to become aware of the extent of the destruction of the natural landscape, or do they merely lead to us becoming morally "deadened" in terms of images? So if the old images somehow no longer ignite, what images do we need to take action?

Exhibition: 21st May to 30th May 2021
Kids-Workshop: Exhibition from 28th May 2021
Lectures (online) & Panel (hybrid): 25th to 29th May, stream via
Speakers: Vivian Balzerkiewitz (Greenpeace), Pauline Bünger (Fridays For Future), Solmaz Daryani (Künstlerin), Monica Alcazar-Duarte (Künstlerin), Benedikt Partenheimer (Künstler), Maria Teresa Salvati (Slideluck Editorial), Tim Wagner (Aktivist, Fotograf)
Moderation: Prasanna Oommen–Hirschberg
Location: Bahnbögen Hüttenstraße, K-Ehrenfeld

Artist Meets Archive #2

We are very happy that, despite the pandemic, we were able to present the results of our second AMA round to the public between May and August 2021.

The "Artist Meets Archive" program was accompanied by a symposium in cooperation with the German Society for Photography (DGPh), section "History & Archives", the University of Hildesheim Foundation and the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum.

To Artist Meets Archive #2

Photoszene 360° Tours

Here we showed 360° panorama tours through individual exhibitions at Photoszene United:

KunstWerk Köln: Storage
H. Blumenthal, D. Gwon, C. Kriegerowski, O. Lehmann, B. Lockemann, E. Mauch, A. My, F. Nowitzki, A. Riechers, U. Pütz, W. Vollmer, M. Zellerhoff

Galerie Smend: Die Faszination der unscheinbaren Dinge
Günter Brauhardt

Atelier Sonja Werner: some and difference
Sonja Werner

Martin Bohn+Partner, Galerie formformsuche: RIDGE
Katsuhito Nishikawa

Rautenstrauch Joest Museum: Rautenstrauch Joests Katze. Das Kratzen an der Black Box kolonialer Fotografien
Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh

Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln: Eaux des Colonies
Rosângela Rennó

Altes Pfandhaus: Black and White Clicks!
Photokünstlergruppe 'Clicks!': Hubert Wichelmann, Peter Beckmann, Uwe Schwarzkamp, Lisa Marie Ramirez, Isabella Atzberger, Peter Rakoczy und Markus Derkum

Kunstraum Grevy: weiter.sehen
Susebee, Susanne Pareike, trash/treasure, Andreas Türpe, Alexander Buss, Jochen Scharf, Norbert Müller, Ulrich Wirper, Dennys Hill, Rudolf Kleymann (Gast), Caroline Sieg (Gast)

Atelier Anna E. Stärk: Outside now III – 50 Jahre Straßenfotografie
Anna E. Stärk

KUK Gallery Cologne: JANNIS KOUNELLIS, Sarajevo 2004
Almin Zrno

Art of Buna: Ethiopia Skates
Daniel Reiter


The Fotobuch-Quartett+ has once again invited guests to Photoszene United!

Together with Simone Klein (art consultant, curator, photo auctioneer) and Thomas Gust (lecturer in photo books and photo history, publisher), Nadine Preiß (photographer, Internationale Photoszene Köln), Oliver Rausch and Frank Dürrach (both lecturers at the Fotoakademie-Koeln and authors on photography) discuss various publications from the vast universe of the photo book, sometimes lovingly and benevolently, sometimes meanly and controversially, but always competently. This time they include:

Tyler Mitchell: I Can Make You Feel Good
Carolyn Drake: Knit Club
Gabor Arion Kudasz: Human
Cristina de Middel: The Perfect Man

Watch the Video!

Portfolio-Review SICHTBAR

Thank you for participating in SICHTBAR 2021. Our portfolio review on May 14 and 15 was beautiful and inspiring. We would like to thank all reviewers and participants for the wonderful, international gathering in our digital Zoom rooms.

Awards: For the first time, the portfolios on show were judged and prizes were awarded in three categories. The basis of the jury was the favorite portfolio of each reviewer.
The jury consisted of Thomas Gerwers (ProfiFoto), Jochen Heufelder (Fuhrwerkswaage), Heide Häusler (Photoszene) and Nadine Preiß (Photoszene) and selected the following three winners from the shortlist:


* Category Exhibition in public space in cooperation with the MOUNTAINVIEW Gallery of the Fuhrwerkswaage.
Juliane Herrmann receives a presentation of her work in the MOUNTAINVIEW Gallery of the Fuhrwerkswaage from August 1 - end of August 2021.

*Print publication category in cooperation with ProfiFoto.
Winner of the award: USCHI GROOS
Uschi Groos receives an eight-page portfolio in the photo magazine ProfiFoto in the double issue July/August 2021.

*Category digital showroom in cooperation with the Internationale Photoszene Köln.
Award winner: JIWON KIM
Jiwon Kim will present her works as a takeover of the Photoszene Instagram channel from June 21-25, 2021.


Digital reicht nicht? Uns auch nicht! Deshalb freuen wir uns, dass trotz der momentanen Lage eine große Anzahl an Ausstellungen in der Stadt realisiert wurden und somit Köln wieder in eine Stadt der Fotografie verwandeln.


Das Kratzen an der Black Box kolonialer Fotografien - Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh - Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum | Ein Teil des Teils - Anna Orłowska - Tanzmuseum des Deutschen Tanzarchiv Köln | Eaux des Colonies - Rosângela Rennó - Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln | Sisi privat. Die Fotoalben der Kaiserin - Museum Ludwig | Fotogeschichten zur Migration - Gruppenausstellung - Museum Ludwig | Von Becher bis Blume - Gruppenausstellung - Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur | »Das kleine Spiel zwischen dem Ich und dem Mir« - Gruppenausstellung - Kolumba | Return to Sender - Gruppenausstellung - Artothek - Raum für junge Kunst | Sankt Peter in Sankt Peter - Lothar Wolleh - Kunst-Station Sankt Peter Köln | Natur.Klima.Migration - Gruppenausstellung - Michael Horbach Stiftung | Gebaute Umwelt - Gruppenausstellung - Japanisches Kulturinstitut (The Japan Foundation) | Friedrich Seidenstücker - Friedrich Seidenstücker - Käthe Kollwitz Museum Köln | A Rock Formation, a Stream, a Wood, a Cloud - Judith Röder - Temporary Gallery.Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst | NEXT! Sommer Edition - Gruppenausstellung - Forum für Fotografie |


Image Cycle - Philipp Goldbach - Kapelle am Gereonskloster | Rosalind Fox Solomon – Flowing Back and Forth - Rosalind Fox Solomon - Galerie Julian Sander | Larry Fink - Larry Fink - Galerie Bene Taschen | Italia - Herbert List - Galerie Karsten Greve | Blossom - Anna Halm Schudel (CH) - In Focus Galerie - Burkhard Arnold | Gerd Bonfert - Gerd Bonfert - Thomas Rehbein Galerie | Les Fleurs du mal – The theatrics of the arts - Gruppenausstellung - Parrotta Contemporary Art | Ridge - Katsuhito Nishikawa - Martin Bohn +Partner, Galerie FormFormsuche | Jannis Kounellis, Sarajevo 2004 - Almin Zrno - Kuk Gallery Cologne | iPhone-series: Roland Barthes_AI - Michael Reisch - Galerie Falko Alexander | InstantCologne 2021 - Gruppenausstellung - The Stage Gallery | Taxi - Joseph Rodriguez - Galerie Bene Taschen | Die ganze Wahrheit - Gruppenausstellung - Martinetz | Schwarz, Weiß & Bunt - Gruppenausstellung - The Stage Gallery | Kein Bock, Du Sünder! - Evamaria Schaller - Martinetz


Gossan: Mars Mission - Joan Fontcuberta - 25HOURS HOTEL | Automobile Frauen - Gruppenausstellung - Jens Scholz | 1:1 - Javier Klaus Gastelum, Ann-Kathrin Müller - Matjö – Raum für Kunst | Antonia Gruber: BIPOLAROID DISORDER - Antonia Gruber - KunstHafen | MEMORY. II - Linda und Reza Nadji - Zero Fold | Ethiopia Skates - Daniel Reiter - Art of Buna e.V. Galerie | IN MY ROOM - Feli und Pepita - Kulturkirche Ost | AuContraire 4 - Gruppenausstellung - Bunker K101 | The Djinn Diaries - Btihal Remli - Gemeinde Köln | Pregnant Pauses - Vassilis Konstantinou - Hellas Angels | You are here - Versuche einer fotografischen Standortbestimmung, Teil 2 - Gruppenausstellung - New Photo - Virtuelle Kunsthalle für Fotografie | Beyond III – [post]koloniale Gegenwart - Gruppenausstellung - Altes Pfandhaus | The Good Earth - Andreas Weinand - Fotorium Köln e.V. | Ebbe - Gruppenausstellung - Niehler Freiheit e.V | Slideluck Editorial präsentiert das Screening ''Everything is connected'' - Gruppenausstellung - Bahnbögen Hüttenstraße // CityLeaks | INTERSPACES - Gruppenausstellung - Labor | Meet me in Quarantine - Gruppenausstellung - Strzelecki Books | Der Reflex des Wiedererkennens #1 - Gruppenausstellung - Schaelpic Photokunstbar | Beweggründe - Freya Hattenberger - ARTRMX e.V. / Atelierzentrum Hospeltstraße | Zurück in die Gegenwart - Michael Kerstgens - ARTBOOKSOFFLINE | Black & White Clicks! - Gruppenausstellung - Altes Pfandhaus | Die Faszination der unscheinbaren Dinge - Günter Brauhardt Galerie Smend | Rezeption des Allerwertesten - Gudrun Holtz - Kulturcafé Lichtung | Studio C104 - Gruppenausstellung - Studio C104 | Brigitte Dunkel: POLE POSITIONS - Brigitte Dunkel - Alte Feuerwache/ Kinoraum im Mannschaftshaus 2. Stock (Aufzug) | Not Seen Yet - Gruppenausstellung - Atelierhaus Alteburger Wall 1 | Häuser - Sven Lützenkirchen - Studio Körnerstraße 48 | Stille Wasser ... Wasserstills - Gruppenausstellung - Galerie Daneben Ateliergemeinschaft | Parallele Prozesse: Beide Seiten - Gruppenausstellung - 68Elf Studio | Concrete Places - Gruppenausstellung - Frau K. und Herr L. Temporäre Fotogalerie | 3 von 12 – aktuelle Fotokunst: analog, digital, experimentell - Gruppenausstellung - Kunstvermittlung Sabine Klement im Wertheim Cologne | Total normal!? - Gruppenausstellung - 68Elf c/o Ausstellungsraum Jürgen Bahr | PHOTON - Gruppenausstellung - LTK4 · Klangbasierte Künste Köln | TAL - Markus Ackermann - Deinspeisesalon | Jutta Landkotsch GmbH | Polyflowers // Technocolor - Gruppenausstellung - Kulturraum 405 | Mirare - Franziska Korries - Maison Marsil | Gesichter Figuren Umgebungen - Ibo Minssen - The Stage Gallery | Some and Difference - Sonja Werner - Sonja Werner, Fotografie, Atelier | Rückzug ins Private - Michael Wagener - Ali Babas Teestube | Storage - Gruppenausstellung - Kunstwerk Köln | Outside now III - 50 Jahre Straßenfotografie - Anna E. Stärk - Atelier Anna E. Stärk | Papillon - Thomas Janzen - Twall23 | IMAGINE Free Julian Assange - Gruppenausstellung - Galerie Arbeiterfotografie | Makkaroni à la Carbonaro - Gruppenausstellung - Mülheimer Freiheit | Atelier Gumprecht - Gruppenausstellung - Atelier Gumprecht | A Onda - Die Welle - Joanna Stange - Kunstraum Grevy | Hieroglyphen - Jennifer Lubahn - Trickster Atelierräume | LOCKTOWN COLOGNE - Michael Stahlschmidt - Open Garden Atelier Stahlschmidt | Portraits.Photos.Kunst - Gruppenausstellung - Galerie Lindemann, Portraits.Photos.Kunst | Spaziergang vor 100 Jahren - Jakob Volk - United Archives GmbH | Koblenz Analog #8 - Gruppenausstellung - Hallmackenreuther | Weiter.sehen - Gruppenausstellung - Kunstraum Grevy | Hotel Rooms and Flower Blooms - Motjér und Schneider - Eremitage Weidengasse

Public Space

Unwanted Skin - Hamza Ben Rachad - Fuhrwerkswaage Kunstraum | Braucht der Klimawandel neue Bilder? - Gruppenausstellung - Bahnbögen Hüttenstrasse // CityLeaks | Photographic attacks in public space - Gruppenausstellung - KISD / Köln International School of Design / TH Köln | Nackte Natur - Gruppenausstellung - Öffentlicher Raum c/o Atelier Rosa Frank | Stadt Bild Köln - Gruppenausstellung - Litfasssäule Heumark | Look Into My Eyes - Bettina Malik - Im Öffentlichen Raum | VON / FÜR / AUF / ÜBER STRASSEN - Gruppenausstellung - Opekta e.V. | Baumeisterliches: Köln - Gruppenausstellung - L.-Fritz-Gruber-Platz | Listen to silence - Bettina Malik - Im Öffentlichen Raum | ENCANTO - Anja Schlamann - Oper Köln, Bauzäune | #digitalcapturesofanaloguecameras - Heidi Pfohl - Mountainview Gallery | Juliane Herrmann: Attitude - Juliane Herrmann - Mountainviewgallery c/o Fuhrwerkswaage

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    3. - 12. Mai 2019
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    22. bis 31. Mai 2020
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